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Silhouette Online Magazine

  • Welcome to the Camerapix Group of Companies; specialists across a range of print media services.
    We have a worldwide reputation for travel-related publications and photography.


  • Our books and magazines have set new standards in innovative design.

  • Our experienced personnel ensures our clients receive the most effective and
    professional customer service with seamless delivery at a competitive prices.


  • Camerapix Publishers International is the ideal choice for editing and producing
    high profile publications.


  • Camerapix Magazines Ltd, based in Nairobi and with offices in London provides a fresh
    and innovative approach to Magazines, Books, Annual reports, Calenders, Brochures etc.


  • We have gained a reputation for professionalism, reliability, high quality, and adherence
    to deadline
    s. We also offer consultation services when required.


Camerapix Publishers International

  • As experts in the publishing industry, with a distinguished track record spanning over 40 years, Camerapix Publishers Internationals the ideal choice for editing and producing high profile publications. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of publishing , printing and distribution.

  • Our growing range of publications, produced by Camerapix Publishers International, covers landscape, culture, wildlife and travel in Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. Over 70 titles are available, in three different series:  large-format hardback series includes Uganda, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Namibia, Nepal, Pakistan, Maldives Journey through and Seychelles, all celebrated in photographs, colour illustrations and commentary. As the series title implies, each book portrays a journey through the subject country and acts as a stimulus to tourism, as well as being the ideal souvenir of a visit.

  • In smaller soft-cover format, are Camerapix’s travel guides to exotic countries around the world, including Spectrum Guides Series i,e Uganda, Ethiopia, India, Jordan, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, Tanzania, Namibia, Malawi, Maldives, Pakistan, Zambia and more. focuses on some unique aspect of a country’s beauty. The many titles available feature animals,pocket-sized Beauty of series 
    birds, landscapes, culture, and history, from the exotic architecture of Zanzibar to the beautiful birds of the Seychelles.In addition, Camerapix produces a diverse range of books on other subjects, from a fascinating account of the East African railroad in Railway Across the Equator to an extraordinary photographic insight into the Muslim Hajj in Journey of a Lifetime.

  • Camerapix Publishers International uses a team of high-quality writers and editors from
    Africa and around the world. Together, they have many years’ experience working withinternational publications.


Our creative designers use the latest Adobe Creative Suite Workflow to produce a range of stunning designs and high quality images.





Creative Design

The design division consists of multi-talented creative graphic designers and layout artists.
Our creative designers use the latest Adobe creative Suite Workflow to produce a range of stunning designs and high-quality images.
We also offer scanning services to other design houses and photographers who require digitised images in high-resolution. In addition, we produce a range of brochures, catalogues, annual reports, calendars and point-of-sale materials for a number of international and corporate clients.

We provide all related services 'under one roof'. Every step of publishing is managed in-house saving our clients time and money.


Our Offices

Camerapix Magazines Ltd, based in Nairobi and with offices in London provides a fresh and innovative approach to magazine and brochure production using Adobe Creative Suite Workflow. Our customers are drawn from both domestic and international companies. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service.
Camerapix Magazines Limited has published Silhouette  the inflight magazine for Air Seychelles since 1988, African-skies (formerlyAfrica Wings) – the quarterly magazine for the Africa Airlines Association (AFRAA) since 2009, Legal Notes for Africa Legal Network (ALN) since 2013, Tropical Farm Management Kenya, BirdLife International, and other corporate organisations.

 The company published Selamta for Ethiopian Airlines from 1984 for 30 years and Asante for
Air Uganda for five years from 2010.

We have also produced Msafiri for Kenya Airways, Hababkum for Sudan Airways, and Ndege for Regional Air. 

Each magazine is designed in such a way that it has its own distinct personality, in sync with the needs of the client. We have one editor, an editorial assistant, and two creative designers dedicated to each magazine to create the unique design and obtain exceptional content from freelance writers and contributors.


Air Seychelles’ inflight magazine

Inside Air Seychelles.png

Silhouette, Air Seychelles’ inflight magazine was introduced in 1989 with a focus on the rich and diverse culture of Seychelles, allied to the country’s modern developments. Over the years, it has been the doorway to showcase Seychelles’ tropical beauty, opportunities and a rich array of activities for travellers.

Silhouette, is a quarterly high quality magazine that combines the best of international colour photography with entertaining and informative articles.

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African Airlines Association (AFRAA)


African-skies is a widely respected and highly influential bilingual publication on air transport for the African Airlines Association (AFRAA).
It is a quarterly publication published in conjunction with AFRAA. It is delivered to a specific target audience of top African airlines, civil aviation, and airport executives who are key decision-makers in the aviation industry.

African-skies offers an effective way to communicate new products, services, or developments in any company to the aviation community globally and especially in Africa. It contains interesting, thought-provoking, and highly informative features presented with contemporary flair.

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Africa Legal Network (ALN)

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm

Legal Notes is designed and printed by us for Africa Legal Network (ALN), an alliance of independent top tier African law firms. It is the largest grouping of its kind in Africa.

Legal Notes features articles highlighting the opportunities for growth in Agriculture, Commercial Property & Leisure, Energy, Financial Services, Infrastructure & Telecoms, Mining & Minerals, and Oil & Gas.

Tropical Farm Management Kenya Limited (TFMK)


Tropical Farm Management Kenya Limited (TFMK) Newsletter is published quarterly in conjunction with NKG coffee mills and Ibero Kenya, both sister companies of TFMK.

The newsletter informs TFMK clients on the products and services provided by TFMK and gives information on Kenya coffee.

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The two main photographers of our collection are the late Mohamed Amin and his long-time Camerapix partner and principal photographer Duncan Willetts.

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Our photo library: showing Africa at its best

The Camerapix archive contains more than 4 million photographs – one of the largest collections of African images in existence. Spanning more than 40 years, the archive contains colour transparencies and negatives, and black-and-white prints, shot on 35 mm and 120 mm formats. The two main photographers of our collection are the late Mohamed Amin and his long-time Camerapix partner and principal photographer Duncan Willetts. Other freelance photographers have also contributed material over the years. Camerapix’s stable of quality photographers is also available to respond to specific client requests.

The bulk of the archive, and its most popular images,
falls under the following categories:

  • This is perhaps the largest category and covers not just the vast continent of Countries

  • Africa,  and much of the Middle East and Central Asia.

  • Historical events (People & Politics); Here you will find pictures covering the most significant
    events over the past 30 years including Ethiopia’s famine, and striking images of some of the
    most colourful characters on the world stage – Idi Amin, Mobutu, Jomo Kenyatta, Kaunda, Mandela, the British Royal Family etc.

  • Tribal AfricaImages of a passing way of life, including the Maasai, are preserved.

  • Wildlife and underwaterThe sheer range and quality of the images of animals, birds,
    and fishes are stunning.

  • LandscapesThese pictures, painted on a broad canvas, include many aerial photographs.

The building of the Camerapix archive continues today, maintaining the high standards of quality and professionalism that have distinguished it over the years. This unique resource adds immense value to any project undertaken by the company while reducing costs for the client.


Books'R'Us is the distribution arm of Camerapix Publishers International Ltd.



Books'R'Us is the distribution arm of Camerapix Publishers Int’ Ltd. We specialise in sales, import, export, clearing and forwarding of books both in the domestic and international markets with more emphasis in the East African region including Ethiopia.

Besides distributing over 80 titles published by Camerapix Publishers, we also act as exclusive agents of Booksite South Africa, one of the leading publishers of South Africa and represent leading book sellers, Macmillan, Random House, Penguin and many medium size book publishers from around the world.




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