Jul - Sep 2021 

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Dear Guests,

Welcome aboard!

I am pleased to share this message with you as the new Acting Chief Executive Officer of the airline.

Having spent more than 20 years working in the aviation industry, I must say that the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year has created a significant reduction in travel and tourism activities globally.

As the world slowly starts to recover, more than ever, air travel has proved to be a key enabler in connecting families, friends and loved ones together, in addition to maintaining a country’s supply chain. This is one of the reasons why I humbly thank you for choosing to fly with Air Seychelles and deeply appreciate your loyalty.

Despite the ongoing challenges, we continue to deliver on our mandate of ‘Keeping Seychelles Connected’, supporting tourism and economic growth on the island. 

During the month of May, we successfully operated a series of charter flights carrying over 500 visitors from Romania to the Seychelles. The success of these flights achieved through collaboration with Seychelles Destination Management Company, 7°South and the local tourism board has enabled us
to secure more charters on this route, definitely fruitful in building our revenue streams further.

Due to the ongoing closure of destinations across our network, we have extended our Dubai flights throughout the month of July, offering UAE travellers more choice and travel flexibility during the
peak Eid al Adha period. 

As we await for Seychelles to open its borders to South Africa, we have also started to operate flights from Johannesburg to Maldives. The direct weekly service, ideal for those looking to explore an exciting destination in Indian Ocean to escape the cold winter in South Africa can be booked via

Operating in an ever-changing environment is not easy. The intense planning that takes place in the background, ensuring the safety of the aircraft, passengers and crew at all times involves the coordinated efforts of teams across the business.

Today I am beyond proud of the opportunity to be leading the Air Seychelles family, for what they have achieved thus far and for their continuous devotion. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK TEAM!

With that, remember to follow all the health protocols when flying with us and we look forward
to welcoming you onboard our flight soon.

Be safe!





Captain Sandy BenoitonActing

Chief Executive Officer

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